Pruning Notes

Notes for winter Pruning season

  • Winter pruning generally starts at the end of June and finishes in the early part of September.
  • We aim to work 38 hours per week (Monday to Friday 07.30 am to 16.00 pm).
  • We can, however, have time off during the week if its raining too heavy, and return to make up lost hours on the weekend.
  • Regarding working in the winter weather – the Southwest region of Western Australia gets its annual rainfall mostly during 5 months over winter. (May to September). It can be as much as 1,000 mm total rainfall for the 5 months.
  • And it gets very cold too – sometimes below 10 degrees Celsius
  • Prospective team members should consider whether they can work in such conditions as rainy days DO NOT mean work stops! Unless there are thunderstorms and lightening, or the rainfall is exceeding 10 mm per hour, WORK CONTINUES.
  • There are specific tools required for pruning vines such as: secateurs, bypass loppers etc. These can be excessively expensive to purchase. Garshey’s can supply the required tools, but there is a deposit to be paid by ALL team members (2021 - $75.00). This deposit is to cover the fitting of new blades at the beginning of the season, cleaning and maintenance etc.
  • If you wish to commence employment with us, you must be willing to abide by the tools policy that is contained on the pruning page.
  • Pays are processed on Wednesday mornings three days after the Sunday.

Visa days are signed off as:

  1. Each day worked (no minimum hours in harvest) = one visa day.
  2. If you’ve worked a total of 5 days in a seven-day week, then that is given as = seven visa days.
  3. If less than 5 days worked, (i.e. 04 days in a 7-day week), then only the days worked will be counted towards visa days.

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