Pruning Season

All our work is hourly pay guaranteed, but we will offer piece rate on top of hourly for faster team members.

Some information about Pruning for the benefit of people who may not have done this type of job before.

Our piece rates per vine are based on historical earning s of previous years and through walkthrough observations before the start of pruning season.

We are obligated to quote the vines for an EXPERIENCED PRUNER, but we are happy to employ inexperienced pruning staff and we can teach everything there is to know about pruning different vines, but the prospective team member should allow time to become proficient at the skill as it is an art form that takes time and patience to learn.

Please note as you read through the following notes that although the pruning is on piece rate, it is NOT in our interest to have staff who earn significantly below the hourly pay comparison; therefore, we set our rates to a fair and equitable level to give our team members opportunities to earn above hourly pay.

Essential Reading

The information displayed below is ESSENTIAL READING prior to commencing employment with Margaret River Viticultural Services.  Please click on the title or the icon accompanying each item to read the information.

You are welcome to print off any of the pages in the essential reading area for your own copy or revisit the page to refresh your memory if needed at any time.

Pruning Notes

Notes for the Pruning season.

JSA Pruning

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for Pruning Season.  This document identifies the potential hazards, risk level and control measures for work activities relating to winter Pruning.

Working safe in the vineyard

Pruning - working safe in the vineyard.  Please read and ensure you understand these guidelines.

Sore Hands - Fit for Work

Being Fit for Work. If you get sore hands but still feel fit for work, this document needs to be read and accepted and agreed to when submitting an Application for Employment.

Employment Information

Generic employment information

Pruning Equipment

Tools provided to you when employed for pruning season.  Please read, you'll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions when submitting your Application for Employment.

Agreement for Piece Rate

Letter of Agreement to work under a piece rate for 2021 Pruning Season.  Please read, you'll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions when submitting your Application for Employment.

Application for Employment

Clicking on the button below will take you to our Employment page.  This will advise the necessary passport information we require, and will contain a digital form for you to complete.


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