Canopy Management

Canopy Management

Some information about Canopy Management for the benefit of people who may not have done this type of job before.

Canopy management is the growing of the vines during the Spring and Summer months.  Because of the complex nature of the tasks involved, the pay in these months is generally hourly pay.

Essential Reading

The information displayed below is ESSENTIAL READING prior to commencing employment with Margaret River Viticultural Services.  Please click on the title or the icon accompanying each item to read the information.

You are welcome to print off any of the pages in the essential reading area for your own copy or revisit the page to refresh your memory if needed at any time.

Canopy Management FAQ's

Notes for the Canopy Management.

JSA Canopy Management

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for Canopy Management.  This document identifies the potential hazards, risk level and control measures for work activities relating to Canopy Management.

Work Issued Safety Vest

Letter of Agreement for care and return of your work issued Safety Vest

Employment Information

Generic employment information

Sulphur spraying in canopy management

Tips for managing sulphur sprays.  Please read and ensure you understand these guidelines.

Application for Employment

Clicking on the button below will take you to our Employment page.  This will advise the necessary passport information we require, and will contain a digital form for you to complete.


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