Frequently asked questions

Applying for Employment

What is the first step to apply for employment?

Please read and select the appropriate season and after reading all the required notes, fill ouyt your employment application in the same section.

Where do your employees live when working for you?
Will I be employed if I am not living at the Dunsborough Beachouse YHA?
Do I have to be experienced in farmwork to get a job?
If I do not supply all my information, will I still be employed?
Do you offer full time work?
What will my classification be as an employee?
Am I covered under a government mandated award?
Am I guaranteed work?
What is the bullying/harrassment policy in the workplace?
What items do I have to bring with me when I'm working?
What will I be doing?
Is work paid hourly or contract/piece rate?
How much is the hourly pay?
What is the pay week and when is pay day?
How long can I be employed for?
Do you guarantee 38 hours/05 days work every week?
What types of weather do we work in?
Do I have to work in low/high temperatures without a break?
How much notice do I need to resign or have my employment terminated?

Visa Days Information

Do I need a valid working visa to be employed?

Yes, unless you are an Australian Citizen or Resident, you will need a valid visa that gives you working rights in Australia.

Once the visa is expired, you will no longer be allowed to work in the vineyard until it is renewed, or you have a valid bridging visa.

How are visa days calculated?
Can I complete my 88 days farmwork with you?
How are visa days signed off?
Can I expect to work long enough to complete my 88 day visa all at once?
Do you sign off for visa days worked?
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