Canopy Management FAQ's

Notes for Canopy Management

    1. What is Canopy management?
      Canopy management season is when the vines wake up and start to grow after they’ve been asleep during the winter pruning months.
    2. What do we do during the season?
      We’ll be doing many different jobs to make sure the vines are growing well and producing maximum fruit. Some examples are:
        • Tucking in growing canes into wires.
        • Shoot thinning.
        • De-legging (removing shoots from the trunks).
        • Various small jobs that pop up from time to time.
    3. Will the pay be hourly or piece rate?
      We find that a better job is done when we pay hourly.  Hourly pay is $25.79.
    4. What time do we start work?
      Generally, the team starts on sunrise as the weather can get quite hot during the later part of the growing season (especially in the afternoons).
      1. The first team members start at 05.00 am and work about 8 – 8.5 hours a day until early afternoon.
      2. The second team starts around 08.00 am to 09.00 am and works about 5 – 6 hours a day.
    5. Other information
      • The working week is Monday to Friday. There is no opportunity to work on a Sunday.
      • The working week is 38.00 hours maximum.
      • The Season usually starts on the last week of October and goes to the last week before Christmas for a two week break over the holiday festivities and back on the first Tuesday in the new year.
      • January is generally two to three weeks work, then waiting for harvest to start.
      • Pay day is Wednesday morning (three days after the Sunday).

Visa days are signed off as:

  1. Each day worked (minimum hours 04.00) = one visa day.
  2. If you’ve worked a total of 5 days in a seven-day week, then that is given as = seven visa days.
  3. If less than 5 days worked, (i.e. 04 days in a 7-day week), then only the days worked will be counted towards visa days.

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